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October 11, 2016
The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) continues to work closely with the Hawaii State Department of Health to monitor new cases of imported Zika being reported in the Hawaiian Islands. HTA is aware of one recently reported case (October 11) of imported Zika found in a resident on the island of Hawaii who acquired it while traveling to infected areas overseas. This individual is past the point of being infectious to mosquitoes.
It's important to note that there have been no locally acquired cases of Zika in the Hawaiian Islands to date.  Leisure travelers or business groups can book their Hawaii trip with confidence as no travel health advisories have been issued for Hawaii about Zika by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
There have also been no additional cases of locally acquired dengue fever reported on the island of Hawaii since April 26, 2016.
The Hawaii State Department of Health reminds the public to remain vigilant and take proactive measures in keeping Hawaii free of mosquito-borne diseases. Its Fight the Bite website provides useful tips and information on how you can protect yourself and Hawaii from the harm mosquitoes can cause. Simply using insect repellent while enjoying nature and taking steps to eliminate standing water where mosquitoes cluster and breed can help keep Hawaii safe and healthy.

For travel guidance, visit

For information on Zika and pregnancy, visit

For information on reported Hawai’i cases this year, visit

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April 27, 2016

The Hawaii Tourism Authority has issued a statement in response to an announcement issued by the State of Hawaii that the outbreak of dengue fever has reached a milestone. No reports of recent incidences of locally acquired dengue fever in 30 days, however local officials caution that the public remain vigilant in their fight against mosquitos.

Click here for the statement from the Hawaii Tourism Authority and for official release from the office of the Governor of Hawaii.

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