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Maemae Program

Aloha Kakou,
Welcome to the Ma'ema'e Tool Kit!

Maemae - A Hawaiian Cultural Toolkit

These contents will assist you in representing Hawaii in a way that is consistent with our destination’s brand. It includes Hawaiian language tools, a Style and Resource Guide, a list of cultural activities and festivals, and other pertinent information about our destination.  Please click here to read the introduction piece before you browse the tool kit. 

Hawaii Tourism Authority

A quick overview of the Ma'ema'e Tool Kit (video)

News Releases & Statements

1/18/2018 HTA Statement: Hawai'i Celebrates Polynesia's Football Legends and Future Stars

1/17/2018 HTA Encourages Fan Support to Make Pacific Rim Cup an Annual Soccer Showcase

1/16/2018 HTA Statement: Initial Travel Demand for Hawai'i Unaffected by False Missile Alert

1/13/2018 False Missile Alert Issued by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency

1/11/2018 HTA: Randy Baldemor Stepping Down as COO 

1/11/2018 HTA Sponsoring Festivals - County of Maui Events Training Program 

1/10/2018 Hawai‘i Visitor Accommodation Units Surpassed 80,000 Statewide in 2017

1/9/2018 Statement by George Szigeti RE: HTA and PGA TOUR Extend Partnership to Host Hawai'i Golf Tournaments to 2022

1/4/2018 Hawai‘i Timeshare Properties Averaged 90.1 Percent Occupancy in Third Quarter 2017 

1/2/18 HTA 2018 President's Message

12/28/17 Hawaii Visitor Spending Increased 4.5 Percent to $1.29 Billion in November 2017

12/27/17 HTA Issues Japan-Taiwan LGBT Travel Studies

12/21/17 Revenue Per Available Room for Hawaii Hotels Grew 5.5 Percent in November 2017, Hotel Occupancy and Average Daily Rate Also Increased Year-Over-Year

11/30/17 Hawaii Visitor Spending Increased 4.4 Percent to $1.3 Billion in October 2017

11/29/17 Travelers Should Not Be Alarmed by Monthly Test of Attack Warning Signal

11/28/17 Revenue Per Available Room for Hawaii Hotels Rose 3.8 Percent in October 2017, Hawaii Hotel Performance Year-to-Date Outpacing 2016

11/21/17 Hawaii Tourism Authority to Publish Monthly Hawaii Hotel Performance Report

11/20/17 Hawaii Tourism Authority Appoints Jennifer Chun as Director of Tourism Research 

11/9/17 Ceasing of Interisland Flight Operations by Island Air

10/26/17 Hawaii Spending Rose 7.1 Percent to 12.56 Billion in First Three Quarters of 2017. Arrivals Increased 4.9 Percent to 7 Million Visitors

10/11/17 Travel Industry Notification from the HTA. RE: 1% TAT Increase Takes Effect January 1, 2018

10/10/17 Hawaii Tourism Authority Awarding $3.5 Million to Support 124 Hawaiian Culture, Natural Resources and Community Programs in 2018

9/28/17 Hawaii Visitor Spending Grew 6.1 Percent in August 2017

9/13/17 ADVISORY: Global Tourism Summit Schedule Announced

9/12/17 HTA Extends Partnership with Hawaii Open WTA Tournament through 2019

9/11/17 Student Debate Competition to Highlight Opening Day of Global Tourism Summit

9/8/17 Hawaii Marketing Outlook, Activities Being Emphasized at Global Tourism Summit

9/6/17 HTA Requesting Attendees to Register for Global Tourism Summit by September 11

8/30/17 Hawaii Visitor Spending Increased 9.8 Percent in July 2017

8/29/17 Ted Allen of the Food Network to Deliver Keynote Address at 2017 Global Tourism Summit in Honolulu, September 20

8/24/17 Hawaiian Culture a Key Focus at Global Tourism Summit, September 19-21

8/8/17 Olof Yrr Atladottir of Icelandic Tourist Board to Deliver Keynote Address at 2017 Global Tourism Summit in Honolulu, September 21

7/27/17 Hawaii Visitor Spending Increased 8.7 Percent to $8.4 Billion in First Half of 2017 Visitor Arrivals Increased 4.3 Percent to 4.6 Million

7/26/17 Early-Bird Savings to Register for the 2017 Global Tourism Summit Ends July 31 Sustainable Tourism is the Summit Theme, September 19-21

7/13/17 Neil Everett of ESPN to Deliver Keynote Address at 2017 Global Tourism Summit in Honolulu, September 20 [pdf]

7/10/17 B2B Networking Sessions and Japan Summit Offer New Business Leads at 2017 Global Tourism Summit [pdf]

6/29/17 Hawaii Visitor Spending Increased 8.7 Percent in May 2017 [pdf]

6/21/17 HTA Offers Funding to Programs Supporting Hawaiian Culture, Hawaii's Natural Resources and Community-Based Events in 2018 [pdf]

6/19/17 Registration Opens for 2017 Global Tourism Summit in Honolulu, Sept. 19-21 [pdf]

5/25/17 Hawaii Visitor Spending Rose 9 Percent in April 2017 [pdf]

5/19/17 Hawaii Tourism Authority Welcomes Sherry Menor-McNamara and Kelly Sanders to Serve on its Board of Directors [pdf]

5/9/17 Welcome Message for the U.S. Travel Association [pdf]

5/5/2017 HTA Statement: Tourism Industry Encouraged to Recognize Hawaii's #FacesofTravel [pdf]

4/28/2017 Hawaii Visitor Spending Increased 12.3 Percent in March 2017 [pdf]

4/20/2017 HTA Statement: Rat Lungworm Disease is Very Rare and Easily Preventable in Hawaii [pdf]

4/13/2017 HTA Statement: Proposed Legislation Impacting Hawaii's Tourism Future [pdf]

3/29/2017 VIsitor Spending Increased 11.5 Percent in February 2017 [pdf]

3/16/2017 Hawaii Tourism Authority Issues State's First-Ever Studies on LGBT Travel [pdf]

3/9/2017 Hawaii Tourism Authority Issues Two Studies on Alternative Accomodations [pdf]

2/28/2017 Hawaii Visitor Statistics Results for January 2017 [pdf]

2/27/2017 Hawaii Tourism Authority Supporting 128 Hawaiian Culture, Environment and Community Programs in 2017 [pdf]

1/31/2017 Hawaii Convention Center’s Green Efforts Help 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress Achieve Coveted Sustainability Certification [pdf]

1/30/2017 Hawaii Visitor Statistics Results for 2016 [pdf]

1/13/2017 Statement by George D. Szigeti, President and CEO, Hawaii Tourism Authority RE: Delta Announces New Daily Nonstop Flights Between Seattle and Kauai [pdf]

1/4/2017 HTA, L.A. Clippers Team Up for Hawaii Night Celebration at STAPLES Center [pdf]



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Hawaiian Culture Initiative

> Hawaiian Culture Initiative [pdf]  EN  CN  KR

Special Alert



Please be advised that a new City and County of Honolulu ordinance that makes it illegal to look at a cellphone or other electronic device (such as video game or tablet) while crossing a street or highway on Oahu has gone into effect as of Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

The penalty for violating the new law is a fine of not less than $15, but not more than $35 for the first offense. The fine rises to a minimum of $75 and a maximum of $99 for a third offense within one year after the first infraction.

Click here for more information about the new law.



Re: Information on Rat Lungworm Disease in Hawai‘i

April 20, 2017

In 2017, Hawai‘i has experienced an unusual spike in rat lungworm infections, a rare disease most commonly found in Asia and the South Pacific.

As the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has emphasized, this disease is easily preventable by properly washing and storing food before eating.

At a news conference on April 19, State Health officials said consumers have nothing to fear when dining out, as restaurants and retail operations follow rules and regulations for food service.

Hawai‘i, which has 1.4 million residents and welcomed more than 8.9 million visitors in 2016, typically reports between one to 11 cases of rat lungworm disease annually.

The Department of Health is currently monitoring 11 confirmed cases of rat lungworm disease reported this year, with several additional suspected cases being investigated. Of the confirmed cases, six are from Maui, involving four residents and two visitors, with five residents from the island of Hawaii.

Rat lungworm disease, or Angiostrongyliasis, is an infection caused by a parasitic worm in rats, slugs and snails that is passed on to people under unusual circumstances.

People get infected by eating raw or undercooked snails or slugs infected with the parasite, or from eating raw produce (such as lettuce) that contains a small snail or slug or part of one.

Most recover fully without treatment. There is no medication or specific treatment for the disease. In the most severe cases, people can be afflicted with pain, neurological problems, and disability.

Preventing Infections

The Department of Health advises that people can prevent rat lungworm infection from occurring by using common sense precautions in the handling of food, including:

  • Appropriately storing, inspecting and washing all food, especially produce.

  • Washing local produce thoroughly – no matter where it comes from – before eating.

  • Being diligent in controlling the spread of slugs, snails and rats on properties, especially if one maintains a home garden.

  • Watching young children while they play outdoors to prevent them from putting a snail or slug in their mouth.

For more information about rat lungworm disease, please click on the following link to the Hawaii State Department of Health website.

Travel to Hawai‘i

Leisure travelers or business groups can book their Hawai‘i trips with confidence, as no travel health advisories have been issued related to rat lungworm disease.

For past Special Alert notices, click here.

Hawaiian Language Tools

Auto Correct Tool

> Read Me First [pdf]  EN  CN  KR


> MS Word XP 2003 [pdf]  EN  CN  KR

> MS Word 2007 [pdf]  EN  CN  KR

> MS Word 2010 [pdf]  EN  CN  KR

Download Files


> HawaiianList.docx

Hawaiian Glossary

> Glossary of Common Hawaiian Vocabulary [pdf]  EN  CN  KR

Hawaii Image Usage

> Hawaii Image Usage [pdf]  EN  JP CN  KR

Hawaiian Cultural Experiences

> Native Hawaiian Festivals [pdf]  EN  JP CN  KR

> Royal Palaces of Hawaii [pdf]  EN  JP CN  KR

> Hawaii Heritage Sites [pdf]  EN  JP CN  KR

> So Much More Hawaii [pdf]  EN  CN  KR

> Statewide Itinerary Maps [pdf]  EN  JP CN  KR

> Signature Events [pdf]  EN  CN  KR

Style & Resource Guide

> Style & Resource Guide [pdf]  EN  JP CN  KR

> Contact & Resource List [pdf]  EN  CN  KR


DIACRITICALS recognizes the use of diacritical markings of the (modern) Hawaiian language including the `okina [`] or glottal stop and the kahakō [ō] or macron (e.g., in place names of Hawai`i such as Lāna'i). However, you may notice these diacritical markings have been omitted throughout the website to ensure the best online experience for our visitors. recognizes the importance of using these markings to preserve the language and culture of Hawaii and respectfully uses them in all communications beyond the online platform.

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