State and County Orders

Statewide Order by Governor David Ige

Governor Ige issued the thirteenth supplemental proclamation, which extends the mandatory 14-day quarantine for all travelers arriving in the state of Hawaii, as well as interisland travelers arriving to Kauai, Hawaii Island or Maui County (Maui, Molokai, Lanai), through October 31. The interisland travel quarantine does not include interisland travelers arriving to Oahu. The period of self-quarantine begins immediately upon arrival, and lasts 14 days or the duration of the person’s stay on the island, whichever is shorter.

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City and County of Honolulu

Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced that Governor David Ige has approved the City and County of Honolulu’s Emergency Order No. 2020-27 ending the Second Stay at Home / Work from Home Order, as well as approving the first tier of Honolulu’s COVID-19 Recovery Framework. To report COVID-19 related violations of the order on Oahu only to the Honolulu Police Department call the COVID Enforcement Hotline at 808-723-3900 or email [email protected].

Short-term rentals (lodgings that provide guest accommodations for less than 30 days, other than hotels and motels), are not Essential Businesses or otherwise allowed to operate. As such, short-term rentals may not operate during the term of the Order, and they are not legally recognized places for visitors to lodge or self-quarantine.

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County of Maui

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Transient vacation rentals may reopen to individuals who are not subject to the 14-day quarantine. Transient vacation rental operators should take note that:

  • Condominium units that are zoned hotel or that are on the short-term occupancy list, B&Bs and STRHs, could potentially rent to interisland travelers, residents and guests not subject to the 14-day quarantine, such as out-of-state guests who’ve completed their quarantine at a hotel.
  • Illegal TVRs continue to be disallowed and will be held responsible for violating County law and Public Health Emergency Rules, in addition to zoning violations.

According to the July 31 amendment, indoor and outdoor social gatherings are limited to no more than 10 people. Face coverings are required, and physical distancing of at least six feet between separate groups must be maintained.

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County of Kauai

Under Emergency Rule 12, short term rentals, transient vacation rentals and homestay operations may reopen. No person that is subject to the mandatory self-quarantine is allowed to stay in these operations, unless they are the owner of the property. Under Emergency Rule 14, no transient vacation rental or homestay, as defined by the Kauai County Code, may be designated as a quarantine location for a new resident more than once in any six month period. The property owner, property manager, landlord, tenant, and guest shall each be responsible for ensuring compliance with this rule.

According to Emergency Rule 13, indoor gatherings of groups of up to 10 persons are permitted and outdoor gatherings of groups of up to 25 persons are permitted. All gatherings are also subject to requirements to maintain physical distancing, wearing face coverings and complying with other requirements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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County of Hawaii

Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim issued Emergency Rule 11. Most businesses, operations and activities, including short-term vacation rentals, may reopen. Exceptions such as nightclubs and other large venues such as concerts and conventions will remain closed.

Indoor or outdoor social gatherings of groups up to ten people are permitted. Face coverings are required and physical distancing of at least six feet between separate groups must be maintained. Members of a single residential or family unit who share the same address are not restricted.

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