International Travel

International Travel

Travelers from Japan, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and French Polynesia may bypass the state's mandatory 10-day quarantine if they take a COVID-19 test from a trusted testing partner.

The test must be taken no earlier than 72 hours prior to departure and the test must be negative prior to departure for the State of Hawaii. If test results are not available before boarding the final leg of the trip, the traveler must quarantine for 10 days or the length of the stay, whichever is shorter. Travelers will not be able to avoid the 10-day quarantine even if they receive a post departure negative test. Only test results from trusted testing partners approved by the Hawaii Department of Health are being accepted.

Beginning Nov. 8

International travelers flying directly to Hawaii do not need to complete a Safe Travels application. The airlines will screen passengers prior to their departure to the U.S. Travelers must meet the CDC requirements.

In addition, Hawaii will expand its acceptance of vaccine documents, to include: AstraZeneca, Covishield, BIBP/Sinopharm, Sinovac.

1.  You must be fully vaccinated prior to boarding your last leg of flight to Hawaii
2.  You are considered fully vaccinated on the 14th day after the vaccination series.
How to “calculate”: You are considered fully vaccinated on the 14th day after the vaccination series was completed. For example, if your last dose was any time on October 1st, then October 15th would be the first day that you meet the 14-day requirement.