2020 Announcements

Register Now: Hawaii Agri-Tourism Webinar Summer Series 2020

Registration is now open for the 2020 Hawaii Agri-Tourism Webinar Summer Series statewide. The free webinar series provides a crash course in Hawaii agri-tourism and includes island-based updates and market opportunity panels, compliance and planning sessions, and grant application preparation.

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Maemae - Cultural Hawaiian Toolkit

To help market Hawaii authentically, browse through a resource of Hawaiian language tools, style and information guides, cultural activities and festivals, and other pertinent information.

See the Maemae Toolkit

Digital Asset Library

Register to access the Knowledge Bank, a public resource of images related to Hawaii and tourism-related activities.

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Community Programs

Initiatives that help Hawaii provide an experience that is unique and enriching, while valuing and perpetuating Hawaii’s natural and cultural resources and honoring its people and heritage.

See Kukulu Ola Program

See Aloha Aina Program 

See the Community Enrichment Program 


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Register Now: Hawaii Agri-Tourism Webinar Summer Series 2020

Free Online Training: Certificate for Customer Service in Hawaii

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