Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

HTA supports the growth and success of Hawaii’s businesses and community organizations in tourism. HTA provides tools and resources to assist in your destination brand marketing and product development efforts.

Marketing & Promotion Resources
For businesses wanting to participate in our world-wide tourism marketing opportunities, digital images to market the destination, and resources to authentically promote Hawaii.

Festivals & Event Resources
For festival/event organizers to develop and enhance their festival or event.

Sponsored Programs/Event Resources
For programs and events that receive HTA funding. Here you will find report templates, sample documents and other resources.

Maemae Tool Kit - Cultural Resource Guide
For those seeking essential information needed to authentically promote Hawaii. The Maemae Tool Kit includes Hawaiian language tools, a Style and Resources Guide, a list of cultural activities and festivals and other pertinent information about our destination.

Malama Kuu Home: An Update from the Hawaii Tourism Authority
The “Malama Kuu Home: An Update from the Hawaii Tourism Authority” took place on October 1st, 2021 and provided information on HTA’s vision, 2025 Strategic Plan and four interacting pillars, organizational changes, implementation of the Destination Management Action Plans, brand management efforts and market insights.

Maemae Toolkit

To help market Hawaii authentically, browse through a resource of Hawaiian language tools, style and information guides, cultural activities and festivals, and other pertinent information.

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Digital Asset Library

Register to access the Knowledge Bank, a public resource of images related to Hawaii and tourism-related activities.

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Partnership Opportunities

HTA's Global Marketing Team offers a variety of consumer, travel trade, and MCI marketing opportunities. Partnership opportunities include digital and social media marketing, public relations, travel trade, and meeting sales programs.

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Read the latest announcements that provide up-to-date information about current HTA's programs, events and activities.

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