Our Strategic Plan

OUR MISSION: To strategically manage Hawaii tourism in a sustainable manner consistent with economic goals, cultural values, preservation of natural resources, community desires and visitor industry needs.

Our Strategic Plan

At the start of 2016, we introduced a five-year strategic plan to guide our vision and our responsibilities in support of Hawaii tourism through 2020.

Our strategic plan is founded on four major goals that we constantly strive to achieve in everything we do:

  1. Improve the Integrity of the Destination
  2. Ensure Stable Economic Benefits
  3. Elevate Hawaii’s Value Perception
  4. Strengthen HTA’s Reputation

You can view HTA's 2016 Strategic Plan here.

How Do HTA’s Strategic Plan Goals Support Hawaii’s Future?

Improve the Integrity of the Destination

A successful tourism economy balances the needs of the community, visitors and the destination. The HTA must increase community support for tourism and be a better steward of the destination.

Ensure Stable Economic Benefits

To sustain consistent visitor arrivals and expenditures throughout the Hawaiian Islands, regardless of varying economic cycles or unforeseen events, the HTA must focus marketing on cultivating new arrivals and increasing visitor expenditures by attracting high-spending visitors and creating spending opportunities.

Elevate Hawaii’s Value Perception

To remain competitive, Hawaii must differentiate itself by promoting authentic experiences unique to the Hawaiian Islands as justification of value for travel costs. The HTA must maintain and improve air access to the Hawaiian Islands, protect Hawaii’s brand, and meet traveler expectations for accommodations and infrastructure.

Strengthen HTA’s Reputation

To be an effective leader, the HTA must be a forward-thinking, knowledge-based organization that uses information and research to develop programs and policies. The HTA must continually improve its ability to lead the industry and ensure transparency and accountability for its marketing efforts.

Maemae - Cultural Hawaiian Toolkit

To help market Hawaii authentically, browse through a resource of Hawaiian language tools, style and information guides, cultural activities and festivals, and other pertinent information.

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Community Programs

Initiatives that help Hawaii provide an experience that is unique and enriching, while valuing and perpetuating Hawaii’s natural and cultural resources and honoring its people and heritage.

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See Aloha Aina Program 

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